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Teeth - Strong, particularly the canines. Thigh - Well developed and thick with visible muscles. The tip is slightly rounded, and should not reach beyond the eye. Upper lip - Thick, moderately pendulous yet retractile.

In bitches it may be slightly less. Get connected with us on Facebook. Its width decreases only slightly from the root of the muzzle to the tip.

When viewed from behindSevere Fault

The puppy flies in the passenger cabin, escorted by its own personal pet nanny and is hand delivered. Fault - Fused vertebrae but not kinked. However, we understand this is not always a possibility. Brown Mask - Pigmentation of the nose and eye rims will also be brown.

When viewed from behind, the hindquarters are parallel and vertical thus giving an impression of power. Severe Fault - Long narrow head with insufficiently pronounced stop, with a muzzle measuring more than a third of the total length of the head lack of type in head.