He still comes to you for advice

Dating still in love with ex

We always miss the people we break up with. Getting over a breakup is ten times harder if you keep reflecting on the good times.

He somehow always ends up in the same place as you. No friend worth having would tell you that your ex wanted you back unless they were hearing and seeing definitive proof. Pay attention to how often your ex seems to somehow, magically, end up in the same place as you. He tells you when exciting things happen for him. If you want him back, and want to make it work the second time around, there are some important things you need to know.

He owns up to his role in your breakup. He mocks your new boyfriend. He shuts himself off from the world. Maybe he sends you a link to a news article you might find interesting. You only expend this kind of energy on people who matter deeply to you.

Sometimes it takes time for a person to get over a relationship, but eventually, everyone does. Sometimes we change up our self-improvement routines after a break-up in an effort to feel better about ourselves. We tend to air our inner thoughts out when tipsy. Be aware of these subtle moves.

We all have people we hold in high regard and look to for help in life. No one wants to chat on the phone with someone they recently broke up with. After a break-up, many people initiate a zero-contact rule.

He drunk-texts or calls you. Observe his reaction when you walk in the room.

You have a mysterious caller. Lashing out when you feel hurt is one of the oldest tricks in the book. In reality, this is far from perplexing.

Maybe he slights

Your friends and family keep hearing from him. It can appear confusing when an ex is friendly one day and seemingly indifferent the next. He tells you he misses you. Your friends say he wants you back. If your ex is determined to do this and accept his share of the blame, he likely wants to try again.

If you ask for them and

Maybe he slights him by purposefully getting his name wrong. If you ask for them and he refuses, he definitely still has feelings about the relationship. Whatever it is, the spitefulness is really just code for sadness. He could send you a line from a romantic movie on social media, or even text you a favorite quote.