Do you need to pay to use Badoo

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However, there is also a way that you can pay through PayPal or credit card to get more features. With many Jamaicans living in foreign countries, come marriage time, most of them want to settle down with partners from their mother country. With just an email, name and password, your account will be created, just like that. Creating an account with Badoo. That is why people love Badoo.

Well, the cost is a bit steep, but it will be worth it and anyway, the best always costs highest. From how you answer, you will then be matched with other members who have taken the test.

It also enables you to know whether a user that you have contacted has read your mail or not. But Jamaican singles are not only reserved for their own kind because you too can date a single man or woman from there.

Women also have their special feature and it is called Most Attracted. To bring you a match that is as close to your personality as possible, you will be required to answer some questions about your hobbies, interests, politics, religion, personal habits and so on.

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Well, mostly you buy credits to access these special features. Yes, you can pay to unlock a feature called Badoo superpowers.