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Starting with the issue of fire safety, they studied broader issues of the risks of injury in the factory environment. The relationships are considered polygynous, not polyandrous, because the female husband is in fact assuming masculine gendered political roles. Those who remarry do so on average three times.

Political cartoon suggesting the Pope

Examples include the Celtic practice of handfasting and fixed-term marriages in the Muslim community. Such marriages have also been increasingly common in Beijing. This is the case, for example, in Australia.

In various societies the choice of partner is often limited to suitable persons from specific social groups. Political cartoon suggesting the Pope was the force behind Al Smith.

Smith narrowly lost New York State, whose electors were biased against rural upstate and largely Protestant districts. Farley managing his campaign. An increasingly chaotic convention balloted times before both men accepted that neither would be able to win the two-thirds majority required to win and so each withdrew.

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He became widely known and developed the smooth oratorical style that characterized his political career. Besides the second and subsequent marriages being void, the bigamist is also liable to other penalties, which also vary between jurisdictions. Landon in the election and Wendell Willkie in the election.

The League published pamphlets and sponsored radio programs, arguing that the New Deal was destroying personal liberty. In the process, they changed Tammany's reputation from mere corruption to progressive endeavors to help the workers. Together with Perkins, Smith crusaded against dangerous and unhealthy workplace conditions and championed corrective legislation.

In addition, many Protestants carried old fears related to extravagant claims of one religion against the other dating from the European national wars of religion. Despite the break between the men, Smith and Eleanor Roosevelt remained close.