There is life after seminary

Dating seminary student

At times it seems as if every step only reveals another twist and turn you had not prepared for yet. With that in mind, one topic that still seems to have plenty of misunderstanding and even, at times, stigma, is the idea of women attending seminary. For the most part, I felt respected and like I was a real asset to the team. Your Heavenly Father has given you agency, the ability to choose right from wrong andw to act for yourself. The pastor gave the announcement, the man came up on stage with his wife, the church prayed for them, and sent them out.

It was a great environment for developing true friendships. It was as if the culture of the institution made them acutely aware of sexual sin. One friend in particular, a very mature female Christian, really demonstrated how a godly friend should model Christ to their friends. God can use them to keep you running the race and staying the course. Relationships and seminary both require commitment, time, sacrifice and energy.

They would only go to English speaking countries or stay in America, because then they could preach right away. Sure, I wanted to date, or at least hang out with potential future mates. Both have a great cost but both can have such a great reward.

He is a son of God, deemed worthy of holding the holy priesthood of God. As the relationship continues to grow and the workload of seminary continues to mount I can see the wisdom my professor was trying to share, but I do not in any way regret my decision. In the eyes of many students, there was no better person to go to for advice than this man who had spend the majority of his life marinating in the wisdom of Scripture. Seminary is both difficult and delightful.

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