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Dating online prank calls

They have categorized their call scenarios into themes such as complainer pranks, foursquare stalking and Wal-Mart pranks among others. The conversation can be recorded for later use. MyPhoneRobot also offers unique and anonymous numbers for purchase so that you can use that to make prank calls in the future. This tool allows you to make a call by submitting the information of the person to be called. Under each theme, there is a long list of prank call scenarios.

Besides, it offers pre-recorded voices that you can send to your friends and laugh at how they react. You can send a prank for free and use any anonymous or unknown number to make the call. This way you can sort out which call should be made to what kind of person. They have developed an android app that allows you to make prank calls from any number you want. They offer you three free calls a dEasy Prankay after which you have to pay additional charges.

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The call will be made and recorded for you to listen. As a user, you are awarded three free calls in a day. You can also view the clipping of the call before sending it to the person. Indeed, these are perfect for annoying your friend or giving a good laugh to the person you are making the call to. The operator prank feature heightens the fun in prank calling by forcing two friends to call each other unknowingly.

Conclusion Making free prank calls is indeed a fun job, especially when you are teasing a friend or having a boring time. Beware that prank calls can land you in trouble and be sure you know the nature of your friend before prank calling.

It also details about an individual prank call so that you can have a better idea what this call is about before sending it to your friend. You can also fake text messages with an unknown number and view the prank call history. You can also record the call for later hearing. Phone Losers of America Phone Losers has a wide collection of call scenarios.

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Easy Prank Easy Prank is a new entry in this arena. It features a voice modifier that allows you to talk as a completely different person throughout the whole conversation.

You can easily mask your phone number and use any other number to give a prank phone call. Prank Owl Prank Owl is a fun place.