Unfortunately it never aired

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Unfortunately it never aired. However, the couple is yet to be married. Stay tuned for more us on Frostsnow. The series, which was slated to be shot in Vancouver, revolves around the life of teenager Clark Kent before he becomes Superman. If she is in Toronto and has some free time on her hands, she loves to head out for hiking.

Personal Trainer Kristin regularly hits

She also likes to go to dance classes when she has time on her hands. Kristin is also a big fan of yoga.

Kristin and her beau Mark met each other for the first time in and soon after, the couple started dating each other in September of that year. Kristin just tries to eat whatever she feels is good for her body.

She tries to focus on consuming a lot of protein and healthy veggies such as broccoli. Even more, they have not disclosed their marriage plans meanwhile. Oh well, it may not be a relationship issue, Kristin is not free from controversies. For her interval training routine, she relies on the guidance of her personal trainer, who also happens to be her close friend.

Kristin Kreuk Favorite Things. Personal Trainer Kristin regularly hits the gym for her interval training workouts.

As part of her endorsement contract, she was asked to headline global promotion campaign for the brand. However, when she is too busy with her work, she does have to alter the frequency. However, when it comes to diet, she is not a fan of any dieting principles. Even if she has a hectic work schedule, she gets her yoga sessions done at her home.

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