Her touch sent shivers in my spine

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Isabel and I parted ways for reasons that had nothing to do with our sexual practices. My mother was sucking my sweet cum. The night before our last in the island, I woke her up with a scissor and shaving equipment in hand. Just the knowledge that other cock had penetrated this beautiful pussy of yours and had come inside it is enough to keep me horny all the time. Lucia has no problem whatsoever to reach orgasm, and I always make sure she gets one for feeling her coming is what usually triggers mine.

She was not ready to drink initially but later on she started sipping it up. While double penetrating her I would ask her to close her eyes and to imagine it was me and some other guy doing her at the same time.

She was not able to breath but I started to pump it in and out in her mouth as I was already hot my pre-cum started oozing out of it. And threw it on the floor and now she was completely naked beneath me. She has got very good hips, which are shaped like an apple, although I saw them only today.

Some how I wanted to see her fuck while I just watched. When we married she had fucked over thirteen other men since she was fourteen, she was divorced, had one son and had been unfaithful to her husband with more than one man. After that she became my wife and we used to sleep together in the same bed. After she came from the tub, I dried her and gave her a very revealing and sexy negligee I bought for the occasion. My mother loved me very much and always guided me wherever I needed guidance.

Now I was gonna cum in her mouth. She used to sleep on the other bed in the room and she slept on that. Oh, it was a sight to behold. For a few years I forgot all about my degenerate desires and dedicated myself to my wife and family. We both agreed that I was not interested in screwing other women not as long as I was enjoying this fantastic arrangement with my lovely wife.

Then I stood up and got the oil bottle and rubbed it on my dick and some on her cunt. As our tremors subsided, and much to my surprise, she asked me to lick her pussy again, which I immediately did.

As we kissed I slowly laid her on the bed and began to kiss her whole body until I got to her still very wet and very full of come pussy, which I began to kiss and lick. She was going to give me her cunt milk for the first time in my life and I wanted to swallow it fully. When I spread her pussy lips, her insides where really full of his white, creamy come. She agreed and smiled at me and she told me that it is too big to suck.

She used to

Now I could see her smooth legs and her cunt hole clearly as the lights were on. Then I started to undo her blouse and the bra and got hold of her blouse. She relaxed her legs and he began to penetrate her.

The very first were very romantic, but slowly I began to bring more explicit ones until one night I put a very explicit one. After some months of doing that I bought a thinner and softer dildo and began to double penetrate her pussy with it and my own dick. Not only I love as a mom now I want to love her as my woman too. Now I was hungry for the dinner as well for my mother's body.

Now I was gonna

Each time we fuck which is every day and as much as we get to I go down on her as she tells me how she felt, how horny she got, how much she liked it and that she really wants to do it again. Now I became horny for my mother and dreamt of her making sex with me. As I only had a pair of loose pants and a t shirt, I immediately stripped in a matter of less than on second. She always focused much of her talk on my girlfriends and liked to ask whether I liked anyone of them or not.