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Dating blues junior

Early models of

There is no reliable way to date amps other than to ask Fender customer support to look up the date from the serial number, although you may find a date code on the speaker. Early models of Fender Blues Junior were a bit moody or bassy if you like, and later models were more bright sounding, similar to the great Fender Blues Deluxe. The biggest change is the reworked reverb circuit. As I stated before, Fender released several limited editions of this amp.

It really doesn't matter much. Stock Speakers Outside the chassis, Fender has used several different speakers in some Blues Junior models.

The cream-colored board is laid out entirely differently from the green board. This speaker is the most common upgrade everyone will suggest you.

There is no reliable way to

Early Tweeds The early green board tweed-covered amps were not lacquered. To me, it's too bright when played with Telecaster or Stratocaster type guitar, but sounds really nice with Gibson Les Paul and other Gibson guitars. The chassis can also be found in the weird, plastic-cased Deco-Tone and in some Custom Shop amps with exotic wood cases such as bubinga. It just sounds right and powerful.