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Asian males, like all men, have a lot to offer. You'll all have one thing in common - you want to meet and date and Asian woman because Western women have become brainwashed by social justice and identity politics. If you are with an Asian girl and your intention is to be in a relationship with her, or to marry her, you can be much more open about it than in Western culture. OkCupid also found that Asian men got some of the worst ratings from women. But a new competitor is really challenging Cherry Blossom, AsianDate.

Or you can get married quite quickly too. It's important to understand that in many Asian cultures, after a few dates an Asian girl will more or less think of you as her boyfriend. They do this, of course, to feed their own twisted need to feel masculine and dominant, while exotifying, objectifying and dehumanizing you poor Asians.

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The woman may be defying the wishes of her family to marry a man from a Western country, because in some Asian countries it is still taboo to marry outside of your own ethnic or religious group. Think about that for a second. Tall, blond women bending over pool tables tend to attract morons, and lo and behold, a small crowd of men gathered around us, sniggering smuttily at regular intervals.

In reality, every ethnic group has wannabe alpha males who debase women. Most women from Asia really dislike having multiple relationships or constantly breaking up with different guys. It is possible to do Western style dating in the bigger or more liberal cities of Asia, this is just going to vary from place to place.

Today many of these women are actually are in touch with their relatives or friends who are already living in the United States or other Western nations. Intending to marry a girl is something that is highly praised in Asian culture. This is not an exaggeration. They often suspect that the ladies are simply scammers.