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Dating a bartender etiquette

Make two trips or get your friends to help you carry the drinks away from the bar. Got to be really irritated when asshole customers would act well, like assholes.

His job is to be

His job is to be charming. Sometimes my boyfriend comes to see me but it's only when it's slow and it's only for a quick drink. They are not bartenders and are unable to get you your drinks.

Almost got into a fight there because of it. Always talked if I saw him around town. Do not help him with bar chores. If we'd broken up, I still would have been going to that bar.

If the relationship ends you may want to find a new bar, but you won't be required to. However, I prefer that she be there with friends, i.

Sometimes my boyfriend comes to

Jealousy dating a bartender. Also, he might be flirting with other patrons of your gender. Have the same fun you've always had there, plus maybe a few extra smiles across the room with your new love interest. She usually cozies up to a table with some friends or plays pool.