That should fix the problem

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That should fix the problem. If all of these points are kept in mind, all Monokuma Concepts should be able to be completed with no problem. There is a known glitch wherein random classmates or Monokuma will disappear during Free Time for no reason and will not return. However, even though she moved, she is still affected by her mother's harsh and unforgiving words through phone calls, feeling that she'll never be able to obtain her mother's love.

There are also Trigger Happy Heart events that may happen as Makoto gets close to full reputation. You'll have the choice to censor the naughty bits in game if you'd like. The best course is to save and close the game entirely, then reboot it.

Don't forget that food can be constructed and given to Makoto and his classmates in order to return them to full health. The heroine, Heejung Kim, is a stressed college student trying her best to make it through life. If trying to complete a Concept, make sure to focus on gathering just the materials needed to complete it. Unsure of where they came from, she is initially hesitant to keep them, calling the police and panicking at first glance, but she quickly accepts them into her home.

However, even doing these correctly will not earn Makoto a Trigger Happy Heart with that character. Stuck studying a major she hates, she has no idea of what she really wants to do, and of how to break free from her current way of living. It only takes three or four Free Time instances and presents each to fully unlock them. Answering their question correctly will result in a true Trigger Happy Heart.

You'll have the choice toThere are also Trigger Happy

She is still living the same uneventful and busy life that she lived in Seoul. Heejung wakes up one morning from her busy life to see a basket full of cats and rabbits in her room. If unable to, there is an alternate way to do it that will be explained later. If the Concepts were attempted anyways the first time through, it may have felt like it was confusing and impossible. Though in practice, it would be more time consuming to get five, and four is much easier.

It includes five dateable characters along with several side characters. Many people came to us to share their impressions and even personal stories with us, and made us feel we were making a good thing. Although the boys are now even noisier and more difficult to take care of than ever, Heejung reluctantly lets them stay in her house until they have to leave. It will be extremely beneficial later on.

Three incubi and one succubus to be exact. Replay Scenes gallery to replay without menus. Try to build all of the Gathering and Cleaning upgrades as early as possible.