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Dance moms speed dating

Kmtv is how to connect a christian dating etiquette rules when looking for the tokarev series. At the studio, Nia and Kendall are working on their duet. The following day, Christi and Chloe are running late for rehearsals, and Abby is on the war path.

They have shovels as propsAbby arrives backstage

Then Abby tells Jill Nia is sick, and it seems like Jill is all smiles. Holly is worried that Nia is being set up to fail because the other moms are putting it in her head that Abby wants Kendall to be a superstar.

They have shovels as props. Abby arrives backstage and says she doesn't want to be nasty, but she does express her disappointment. Nice she could take time out from filming the live action sequel to Thomas The Tank Engine. Those hats are cutting off the blood to your brain. Abby pulls Jill aside, and Jill explains that she'd rather have Kendall do the dance as a solo than to have Kendall duet with Maddie.

It's like a Les Mis situation minus the French Revolution. Think about what you really want.

She wants a classy man who can speak multiple languages and isn't pigeon toed. And it was kind of overshadowed by the Moms making up for lost time and getting into another throw down out back in the makeup room. Abby congratulates them for winning last week in St.

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Christi brought up the whole limo episode. She hilarious as she updates the moms who are waiting in the wings. Jill pulls Kendall out of the staging room to get some extra practice time.

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And then Mom can rip off some sweater glitter and toss it in the air during the victory parade. Kendall joins her because she faded into the woodwork. Something toxic must have leaked into the local water supply overnight, because everyone on Dance Moms was feeling exceptionally giddy and romantical this week. They definitely are trying to outdo each other, it would seem.