It may be external or internal

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Inflammation of the colon, acute or chronic. It is about four times shorter than the small intestine and its diameter is almost twice as large.

Colonoscopy or coloscopy is the endoscopic examination of the large bowel and the distal part of the small bowel with a fibre optic camera on a flexible tube passed through the anus. Infiammazione che colpisce il colon, ovvero il secondo tratto dell'intestino crasso. At the level of the pelvic bones, the abdomen ends and the pelvis begins.

It may be external

In small bowel biopsy, a tissue sample is extracted from the small intestine, or small bowel, and sent to a laboratory for analysis. Discharge of waste materials from the excretory passages of the body, especially fromthe bowels. The appendix has no known function in the body, but it can become diseased. It can provide a visual diagnosis e. Clinicians order this laboratory test when they are concerned about iron deficiency, which can cause anemia and other problems.

Appendicitis is a medical emergency, and if it is left untreated, the appendix may rupture and cause a potentially fatal infection. It is divided into six tracts, called cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon and rectum. In adults, the spasmodic pain may appear suddenly or develop gradually and become chronic. This opening, in conjunction with the attached stoma appliance, provides an alternative channel for feces to leave the body.

This test requires the collection of three stool samples. La colostomia ha il compito di deviare il flusso delle feci che vanno raccolte utilizzando appositi sacche.

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Separata dalla cassa toracica mediante il diaframma. It may be external or internal. Queste tracce possono essere dovute al sanguinamento di un polipo. Quando raggiunge l'intestino tenue, il tessuto viene inserito nella capsula attraverso suzione. It may be reversible or irreversible depending on the circumstances.

The abdomen commonly called the belly is the body space between the thorax chest and pelvis. Porzione media dell'intestino crasso, che si estende dal cieco al retto. Its function is absorbing water from faecal matter and expelling the remaining waste material.

Per ottenere il campione di tessuto si ingoia una piccola capsula legata a un sottilissimo tubo di polietilene. The stool samples should be taken one day apart, because colon cancers may bleed from time to time, rather than consistently. The diaphragm forms the upper surface of the abdomen. Ferritin levels are used as an in dicator of the body's iron stores. In the original sense, a chemical that binds to and specifically kills microbes or tumour cells.