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Bangladesh marriage and dating customs

The nuptial bedroom is adorned with flowers. They then go to the mandap to worship the Sun God. Vidaai is the departure of the newly-weds to the grooms house. The amusement is for all, and women stand on equal pedestal with men.

This is more or less the Musim wedding procession. The bride and groom are taken separately by the married women to a pond where they issue the goddess Ganga an invitation to the wedding. Marriage is viewed as very special and sacred and is met with great enthusiasm. On the whole an entire community participates in each other's religious ceremonies. The traditional greeting for Muslims is Asalamu alaikum to which the response is wa alaikum salam.

The nuptial bedroom is adornedThey then go to

This may lead to a loss of face which will mean a loss of dignity and respect. The bride's side of the family tries to play some kind of practical joke on the groom such as stealing the groom's shoe. Thousands of pandals mandaps are set up in various villages, towns and cities.

Proper behaviour is expected. The wedding follows a lavish dinner and entertainment programs.