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Perhaps the purchase was a business decision, or perhaps the glimmer of hope provided by the clinic made the deal seem irresistible. The architecture of the three-story central building was truly inspired.

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Creation Evidences in Color. The answer is that the concretion itself is not Ordovician.

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However, this claim would be difficult to substantiate. Further research is required to determine which building was indeed the first to be built. Operations were initially handled by the American company Treadway, which handled a number of famous resorts. The only sound on this misfortune-ridden peninsula is the frantic whisper of the wind blowing through the casuarina trees which now grow up through the ruins. Stratigraphicly the Hensel formation immediately underlies the Lower Cretaceous Glen Rose Formation, in which the Paluxy River tracks occur about miles to the north.

During its heydey, the Hatchet Bay Farm supplied Nassau with much of its milk and eggs. So far neither has been provided. Perhaps a number of tests were done with different results, but Lines does not clarify this.

Unfortunately, the hope provided by the cancer clinic was a false one, and that investor later died of the disease. Even so, even after others offered to pay for the dating, Baugh declined to have it done. The next tenants were no doubt puzzled as to why the bathroom tile had been taken up, or why the upper half of the bed was missing. Ironically, one of the series of misguided investors who later purchased Whale Point Estates along with the clinic had been diagnosed with cancer. Now the island is home to a population of wild goats which are occasionally shot for food.

After the airport was shut down, the runway was filled with berms made of dirt intended to keep the runway from being used as a nighttime landing spot by drug dealers. Levy, an American textile tycoon, paid wages above the Bahamian average, and Hatchet Bay quickly became a thriving community. If four years have gone by and nothing has happened, I think it is safe to conclude that Baugh has no interest whatsoever in determining the truth about his marvelous hammer.

Perhaps further research will clarify its actual use and precise age. Perhaps fortunately, they didn't learn of what had taken place in the house until much later. No trails to the existing lighthouse have been observed either, although a trip to the current beacon courtesy of a sharp machete may yield remnants of the original lighthouse.

The early American style of the hammer, and the largely undistorted and poorly mineralized condition of the handle, further suggests a relatively recent date. Footprints and the Stones of Time. No historic ruins have yet been located on Egg Island, but this map should at least help to rule out several structures visible in satellite images. Independent scientific evidence indicating a problematic age for the hammer. The airport presumably closed around when the resort shut down.