Your buddy is riding your back

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Efron intended it the lesson to come off sarcastic, but instead, he came off a bit slanderous. Though fan hearts would be shattered forever when the two called it quits seven years ago, after dating for four years. Who knew that a woman out there had the guts to break it off with Mr.

But these two have just a strong bromance, if not stronger at times. Daddario and Efron met up on Baywatch and it was easy to see the sparks flying almost immediately.

The two did a good job in their roles, but it seemed like after the movie that no friendship was blooming for Efron and DeVito. Bynes was also originally set to star in the comedy Hall Pass but dropped out and was replaced by Alexandra Daddario. Zendaya, famous for starring in the shows Shake It Up and K. And apparently, Pattinson is no slouch at bowling, so we definitely tip our hats to Pattinson for once getting the opportunity to take on Efron. Your buddy is riding your back.

At least Drake's probably glad he's now off the hook. DeVito is an awesome actor and a comedy legend, but I hated him in The Lorax. So maybe all you hopefuls for an Efron-Zendaya relationship do have a case, after all. Well, not really hated him, but the movie as a whole as it differed so much from the original message of the book.

So it comes as no surprise that Leo has a ton of admirers, one of them actually being Zac Efron. The film was a critical and commercial success.

The two went to work, voiced their characters, and seemingly never spoke to each other after the movie was over. Well, at least a few did when a hoaxed article came out stating that the two were, in fact, dating. And unfortunately for the Hudgens fans, there does seem to be something between the two. The chemistry was so good that fans were clamoring to actually see if the two would go on to date after the cameras stopped rolling. We say almost, only because there was never a scandal revealing that the two were dating.

We know The Paperboy was bad but there's no need for that. Michelle Rodriguez is famous for throwing flings with different guys from time to time, and it seems Efron was one of those guys. The film after Easy A would have been a starring role. There are many things you could accuse Zac Efron of wooden acting for starters but ugly probably isn't one of them.

Michelle Rodriguez is famous forWe know The Paperboy was

These guys are classic friends. And while it seemed like they could at least be friends, it seemed like Vanessa Hudgens put those dreams to rest. In true car crash fashion we're scared to see what she'll type next, but yet we can't stop hitting refresh. She was hospitalized under a hour mental-health evaluation hold.