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The potential impact of chemical contaminants in pollen is not discussed in this post. For example, the presence of a variety of fungal spores, foreign pollen grains, and plant parts in pollen should be expected, and it simply indicates insufficient cleaning. Fungi have a high level of genetic adaptability to the environment. Natural materials have been used for this purpose for many years. There are often unique and novel solutions to problems, but one has to keep in mind that there are also times where it is not possible to fix the issue.

Allow this as one potential outcome of the risk assessment. Such extracts were classified into five categories according to the level of scientific information to justify their use. Therefore, pollen can be potentially impacted by airborne components present outdoors.

However, the safety and efficacy of many of them are controversial. However, dander is the most commonly used product. Therefore, when fungi are cultured to manufacture allergen extracts, those factors must be controlled. You need to focus solely on the risk, and how to control or eliminate it. European regulatory agencies also have proposed norms to reduce the number of allergenic preparations available on the market.

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Bottom line, sometimes a fix is just not possible, and all the alternative interventions simply end up wasting money without getting to the end goal. Recombinant allergens are alternatives to circumvent the caveats of using natural allergenic materials.

The fungal materials used for the production of allergen extracts vary, depending on particular suppliers. The common culture conditions are static or under agitation. Contact us for more information regarding the topic of this post. Crenshaw declares that he has no relevant conflicts. These conditions are responsible for the amount of oxygen available in the cultures, which affects the types and levels of allergens and secondary metabolites produced.

Right at the beginning you clearly state, not having enough space to safely manage all the allergens. It is often difficult to obtain sufficient quantities of natural allergenic products. The currently available allergenic preparations are not suitable for immunotherapy. The most relevant are the specific media formulations and culture conditions used to grow fungi. Our foundational products are chosen with ultimate care to meet the high demands of today.

Allow this as one potential outcome

Pollen is a unique raw material because is exposed to the outdoor environment before and during collection. Once fungal cultures achieve a particular level of maturity, they are harvested and inactivated to assure that no live fungi are present in the materials. Therefore, the media used to grow fungi must be carefully formulated to assure its safety.