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This was influential in the later decision to decide regular season games tied after overtime with a shootout, thus eliminating tie games. Recently, the Canadian squad repeated their competition by winning gold medal in the Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

In this game was eliminated in favor of having the rookies compete in the skills competition. However, as the boards were made of wood at the time, Morenz's leg shattered in five separate locations above the ankle. Louis Blues goaltender Manny Legace.

However, that game ended up taking place in Los Angeles, California. The idea came into fruition the following year. If this approved absence is not obtained, a one-game regular season suspension is possible.

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Jakub Voracek of the Philadelphia Flyers scored six points three goals and three assists which tied a record set by Mario Lemieux. Every skater on the winning team recorded at least one point during the game.

Prior to that, there have been several occasions when benefit games and All-Star Games were played. Past and current All-Stars must obtain an excused absence often related to injury or personal circumstances by the League if they will not participate. The format of all three games in the tournament will be three-on-three, with minute halves each.

The winners of these two games then meet in an All-Star Game Final. The series was split between the two teams with a game won by each.

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Bailey hit his head on the ice so hard that a priest in attendance gave him last rites. He was carried off the ice on a stretcher to a hospital, where he would stay for four and a half weeks until his death from a heart attack.

The Challenge Cup was being touted as a miniature world championship, and for the first time, fans could vote for certain members of the roster. Dany Heatley scored four goals, tying an All-Star Game record, in addition to recording a shootout goal. Over the next few years, various aspects of the All-Star Game came under scrutiny, including the format of the game. Perhaps the only problem that Anaheim has with hosting the game is the local competition with Disneyland. One of the more memorable moments before the game was when Bailey presented Shore with his All-Star jersey, showing to the public that Bailey had clearly forgiven him for his actions.

At one time, one visitor noted that it was as if a party was being held inside of Morenz's hospital room, complete with whiskey and beer. In fact, Anaheim played in the West Finals in two of the past three seasons and and won the Stanley Cup. The same format of First vs.