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Accommodating style example

With insufficient influence over others in your environment, you are likely to soon feel disenfranchised or ostracized. Maureen Clarry and Kelly Gilmore Dignan The following tip describes the accomodation conflict-resolution mode. Others accommodate because of low self-esteem, presuming that the ideas of others are always superior.

This will be hard for you. While there is no victor from compromise, each person also fails to achieve her or his original goal. Rules and regulations go out the window, anarchy ensues, and productivity quickly drops. If both sides in a conflict are using a competing style, watch out.

However, if accommodation is the only style a person utilizes, he or she is advised to learn more skills. Beyond one's overall style for behavior during a conflict, other matters of individual style also affect perceptions during conflicts. Accommodating comes naturally to many people, but others have difficulty giving in or recognizing good opportunities for acquiescing. Most people need to enjoy their work somewhat in order to be truly productive.

Beyond one's overallHowever if accommodation is

The desire to lend a helping hand is part of human nature. People who tend towards a competitive style take a firm stand, and know what they want. But instead of informing the manager that certain tasks would require greater time, she took the approach of working long hours.

These people can be highly assertive but unlike the competitor, they cooperate effectively and acknowledge that everyone is important. Everyone is expected to give up something, and the compromiser him- or herself also expects to relinquish something.