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David Lee Roth claims he boned more than one of his teachers in real life as well. She goes on dates and stuff. Played for Laughs in Friends when Ross finds out that his male student is in love with him.

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She's aparently in love with the teacher and not him. He arranges to sit next to her at a football game. Seeing his chance to search the suspect's house, Neal agrees. It is a pretty good bet that just about any show that features adults and teens interacting in an academic environment will eventually explore a romantic relationship between a teacher and a student.

The best that can be said is that she isn't the only one - apparently, forty-six people send him cards on Valentine's Day. The results are exemplified in the section below.

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This is a plot point because it's the reason he doesn't invite his best friend along on their museum tour, which is why his best friend dies that day. Relationships between male teachers and male students are condemned the most harshly. Both Haruta and Chika of Haruchika have feelings for the music teacher, Kusakabe, though they've agreed on a truce in regards to catching his attention until they perform at Fumon Hall. There are usually different levels of moral endorsement of the relationship, depending on the genders of the participants. It's implied that this is part of the reason she keeps him as her T.